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St. Philothea Greek Orthodox Church

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta


3761 Mars Hill Road

Watkinsville, Georgia 30677

For more information: 770-725-5035

For Marswood Hall Call:  770-841-3937



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Sunday Services

Orthros:  9:00am

Divine Liturgy: 10:00am


Wednesday Evening Worship

Come Pray the Liturgies of the Ancient Church

6:00pm  Wednesdays. 

See calendar.


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News & Upcoming Events



Schedule of Lenten & Paschal Services

~ April 4-12, 2015









Worship Service






9:00 am


Saturday of Lazarus Divine Liturgy Followed by Sunday School Confession & Breakfast, palm folding & church cleaning for Holy Week.







9:00 am


Orthros, Palm Sunday Liturgy begins at 10:00 am,

Theme: Christ's Entry into Jerusalem






7:00 pm


Start of Holy Week: 1st Bridegroom Service,

Theme: Wise Joseph and the Fig Tree






7:00 pm


2nd Bridegroom Service; Theme: Parable of the Ten Virgins






7:00 am

7:00 pm



Pre-Sanctified Liturgy

3rd Bridegroom Service

Theme: Deeds of Mary Magdalene contrasted with deeds of Judas






5:30 pm


Sacrament of Holy Unction  

Unction will be administered until 8:00 pm


9 th




7:00 am


6:00 pm


Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil, Institution of the Last Supper  

Reading of the Twelve Gospels:

Themes: The Last Supper, the Betrayal, the Crucifixion

10 th


8:30 am


Great Hours, being vigilant at the Cross

Decorate the Kouvouklion of Christ






3:00 pm


Apokathelosis, The Taking Down of Christ from the Cross






7:00 pm



Followed by an All-Night Vigil by the Tomb of Christ


11 th




9:00 am


Vesperal Divine Liturgy






11:15 pm


Holy Pascha Orthros & Divine Liturgy



 2:00 pm

Agape Vespers and Paschal Feast at the Church, Easter Egg Hunt



Spaghetti Dinners

Every Other Thursday Night


6:00pm to 7:30pm


          Remainder of 2015 schedule:

March 26

April    16 & 23
May 14  (Last dinner before summer)
September  10 & 24
October  8  & 22
November 12
December 10 &17


$8.00 per adult

$4.00 for children under 12


Free Entertainment offered monthly - and more frequently when possible.


Entertainment Schedule


          April 16 - North Georgia Bluegrass Band


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Interested in Learning More About Orthodoxy?

St. Philothea offers Inquirers' Classes

Please call the Church Office and contact Father Anthony for Class times.



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Come visit with us to witness the worship of the early Church. For over 2000 years the Greek Orthodox Church has celebrated the Divine Liturgy, preached the Gospel, proclaimed the faith, discipled the faithful, fed the hungry, visited those in prison, and sought to fulfill the commands of God. We are a Pan-Orthodox Church made up of Greeks, Russians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Georgians, Albanians, Serbians, and Americans. St. Philothea, our patron saint, was very innovative in helping the community of her day back in the 16th century. Her mission was to serve the young woman of Athens, Greece by training them vocationally so they could survive in the world. She taught them skills that would help them get jobs and survive under harsh conditions. With her as our example we have begun a program called Bread for Life. It is a program aimed at getting the chronically unemployed back in the market place through the hospitality industry. By training them to bake rolls, which are then sold to institutions in the community to help pay their wages, students will learn skills that will equip them for careers in the hospitality industry. Not only will they learn job skills they will also learn life skills to help them make good choices, find dignity in work, and develop economic freedom. Our community also has a Greek festival, a Greek Folk Dance Troup, a campus ministry, Sunday school classes, Adult education, and a lovely hall open for rental to the public. So please do come visit us, join us for worship and stay for coffee hour.

Blessings in Christ, whom we serve,

Fr. Anthony Salzman



Our Mission

St. Philothea Greek Orthodox Church is dedicated to the continuation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's ministry of salvation through the proclamation and teaching of the Gospel; through Baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; and through loving service to God and to all humankind.


Our Vision

The community will provide a loving, caring and welcoming environment where all belong and grow in the faith through worship, service, witness and fellowship.



Marswood Hall and related facilities are owned and operated as an integral part of the ministries of St. Philothea Greek Orthodox Church and are subject to the traditions, dogma and Holy Canons of the Holy Greek Orthodox Faith. We reserve the right to reject any request for the use of any such facilities. In addition, any uses that violate any applicable laws, ordinances, regulations or statutes are expressly prohibited.